HoopTime 2017 Program Outline

The first session focuses on fundamentals and will run from January 7 - February 11, 2017. Registration for the first session is $100.00 per player; for families registering two or more players, the cost is $100.00 for the first player and $75.00 for each additional player. 

There will be one or two practices per week and informal games/scrimmages on Saturday.

The second session will place greater emphasis on competition and will run from February 12 through the completion of the Mike Jackson Memorial HoopTime Shootout tournament scheduled for March 22-25. 8th grade teams will continue practicing until their out-of-state tournament (possibly 2-4 more weeks). 

Players having participated in the fundamental session must be invited by their coach in order to participate in the competitive session. All 4th and 5th grade players will be invited to continue. 

Payment for the competitive session is $200.00. The remaining $100.00 can be earned through fundraising (each player will be given ten raffle tickets at the first practice).

The Hooptime Board of Directors recently passed a policy regarding athletes and involvement on multiple teams. This policy will be implemented beginning with the 2017 Hooptime Season. As an AAU sanctioned basketball club, Hooptime players may not compete on multiple teams which are designated and/or compete requiring an AAU membership. Therefore, the new policy is as follows: Any player who is registered for the Hooptime Season (Session One/Session Two) may not practice and/or compete with another competitive team. Violation of this policy would forfeit a player's participation in the Mike Jackson Memorial Tournament on any team. (This policy does not apply to CBJ Parks and Recreation.)
The Hooptime Mission Statement is that it is our desire  to provide "a competitive, dedicated, supportive and disciplined team environment." We believe that this new policy supports our mission.
We recognize that this new policy may affect a player who has recently registered for the 2017 Hooptime Season. If necessary, Hooptime will issue a full refund for players who do not wish to continue with the Hooptime program due to this new policy. We apologize for any inconvenience this new policy may cause.